Yoga & Pilates

We are the architects of our bodies…You choose the house you live in

…A Way of Thinking…a Life Style


Yoga / Pilates Private Class   (max 3 person)

 1 h – 50€     1.5h  – 70€ 

Also Yoga / Pilates Private Groups Classes 

yoguilates circular

Pilates unifies  the philosophy of western exercise -more dynamic and centered in the physical muscles- with the  oriental, that works with body control and fluency, based on breathing and active relaxation.

Yoga is a  philosophy and a millennial way of living an integral space for body, mind and spirit. Approach to Yoga in any moment and circumstance of our life is for sure an enriching experience that contributes to find and mantain a radiant health.

Increase your physical state, body consciousness , emotional balance, while you encourage your self esteem and the consciousness of the unique and valuable being we are, inside a totality that is also the Unity.

We clean the link with our fountain of energy and vitality.

We will combine exercise of Strength, Flexibility and Control 

Pilates methot seeks an integral job of body, mind and spirit


Find your essential posture.

You will notice that you walk more lightly, more present.

What more to say about Yoguilates?

Practice it!



“In ten sessions you will feel the difference,

in twenty you will see the difference, 

in thirty you will have a new body» 

Joseph Pilates