About me




About me


Years ago I studied Psycologhy to understand the deepness and in the way I discovered the importance of the Unity beetwen Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul

My personal characteristics, gave me sensitivity to feel with my hands and with my intuition.

My own inner process though diferent learnings, thecniques and experiences allowed me to professionalize myself and go deeper into the Being and the body

My life purpose is help everyone ́s life to be better, more connected with its own essence and authenticity. This is my goal, my ̈Ikigai ̈, the reason why I love my job.

As a Psychologist and Body Therapist I work with Holistic Massage for being a treatment that looks to embrace and balance the person as a whole, including benefits for the body, mind,   emotional and spirit balance

My treatments combines different techniques
It ́s tailored to each person depending on the person ́s needs


¨I feel incredibly fortunate to be Estella’s neighbor and friend. Walking down the hill to meet her is truly a gift. 

Estella offers the most beautiful massages that touch not only your body but also your heart and soul. With her loving touch, she helps you reconnect with your body and true self.

Even the walk through her garden, brimming with flowers and ascending the stairs to her home, is a delight. Her yoga room is a sanctuary, offering spectacular views over the hills of Benimussa. Every visit feels like a serene retreat.





¨Wow. Estela has magic hands. She has a holistic approach, but then with magic. I still can dream away when I think about the massages I had with Estela. Going to Ibiza is equal to booking a massage with Estela. So lovely. But ssst keep it a secret so I still can book her ;) See you soon

Lara from Amsterdam ¨




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